Hi! Here, we collected some commonly asked questions. We'll add more as we go. Please let us know if you need any other info or support from us. We are delighted to help.

IMPORTANT notice! Please note that sometimes spam filters locate emails sent from our address to spam folder. I.e. our tech support emails sent to you may get lost and you will miss our help. If you send a note to us with a request, could you please mark our email address as reliable. You can do this by simply clicking the button in your email's header menu if you use MS Outlook. Alternatively, please check settings with your emails provider. 
How to install and run application? It is very easy. Please download our installer and run it. It will guide you through simple installation process. No admin rights required for setup. Just download and play!
Where can I find a manual or documentation to VisioTask? The app is designed with a very easy and intuitive interface. In order to help you see all useful features each element on the screen tells you about itself and what it does. All you need is to put mouse cursor over an item, and tool tip will appear. Also, you will find sample tasks with a easy guidance once you install the app. For details see Features page on our site. It is simple!
Where will all my emails be kept? All emails are kept safely in your MS Outlook. You can find them in MS Outlook at any time untouched.
Can I work in MS Outlook and VisioTask at the same time? Yes, sure, you can. VisioTask syncs with MS Outlook, i.e. all emails sent from there, changed or received will appear in VisioTask.
Where can I store and find emails' drafts? They are stored in MS Outlook. You will not see them in VisioTask. Please see MS Outlook Drafts folder to find them there.
Can I have two or more email accounts set in MS Outlook and sync them with VisioTask? Yes, you can. To do this you need to make settings, so that your emails from other email accounts are stored in default data location of MS Outlook. Please make this settings in Accounts settings, and then use Change folder. You can store emails from different accounts in specified folders in MS Outlook for convenience.
Where will my files be stored during the use of VisioTask? You files will be stored in folders on your PC or in its initial place. E.g. if you move a file to VisioTask, it will create a subfolder for you in the folder My Files in VisioTask and store it there. If you add a file it will be still kept in its place and just linked with VisioTask. I.e. your files are safe and secured as any normal files. Don't forget to make backups, as usual! 
What emails clients does VisioTask work with? At this point it works with MS Outlook as a first step of development. If you use a different email client you still can use VisioTask for managing your tasks and files. Please send us a note if you wish to be notified once your email client is supported. We will contact you at once it is available for you.
How to de-install VisioTask? We would sorry you go. To de-install VisioTask simply delete folder where you stored the app. You would need to close MS Outlook first. No other resources used and need any change.


With any questions please contact us at Please let us respond within 24 hours.


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