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Hi! Here, you'll find how to make your work more effective and boost your productivity with simple features of VisioTask. Enjoy!

Free task management software

Organize Everything Simpler

Why do you need all your notes, files, and emails? To keep you busy? Well, in fact, for getting task done.

VisioTask lets you collect and organize your data by related task or project. Getting a task done often requires numerous communications, files, and notes which are spread out over different applications. Now all of your data can be available on one page. This centrally-organized data allows for a more efficient work flow and reduced stress and pressure.

Find Anything Quickly

Grouping all of your data by task or project makes it the center of gravity in your org system. All other related data revolves around the associated task and becomes easily accessible.

It's easy to find a task you need, as all tasks are on one page. Click to see all notes, subtasks, emails or files for that task. As simple as that.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Create Your Files Playlist

Many files may be stored in different places. How to arrange them easily and access quickly?

Link files to your tasks and create a virtual playlist for your workflow, just like the songs on your iPod. Files can be accessed from anywhere with just one click. This is secured, very easy and fast way to keep access to your files.

Set For Success

More precise understanding of the final outcome means fewer mistakes and steps for getting there, i.e. less effort and more results.

Use the simple goal-setting form to describe desired outcomes and set proper expectations. Start quickly with what you know now; you always can fine tune and improve it later.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Collect Your Puzzle

Flex style in planning. Use different methods to find a solution, each one where applicable and works for you the best.

Is it too complicated to define everything at once? Make a piece now and fine tune your tasks as you go and get more info. Alternatively, use the tool for task analysis and definition by splitting it top-down. You have a high level goals definition and a sheet for setting your subtasks. Let’s eat an elephant in pieces!

Update Your Plan In Seconds

Keep the right balance between planning and execution, with not more than 20% for planning and 80% for making it happen.

Use simple and visual graphical scales to choose the importance and urgency of a task. Setting your priority by measuring makes your decision clear, simpler, and more accurate. Save your task, and all tasks will line up automatically for you immediately. VisioTask is the simplest and fastest way to adapt your plans on the fly!

Free task management software
Free task management software

Hunt For Elephant

Do what really matters in order to maximize effect.

Visualizing your tasks in color-coded and organized blocks helps you to see the big picture. VisioTask will reduce all of your to-do lists to a simple and clear one-page display, categorized by 4 distinct colors.

Win On Multiple Fronts

Manage multiple tasks and projects one at a time in a prioritized sequence. Keeping concentration on one thing helps high efficiency.

VisioTask builds the sequence for you. Control what you do and when. Now it is easy to see how many red/yellow tasks are, and spot where you need to take immediate actions. Move ahead the most important and urgent tasks, and then important and not urgent. The more you do this the more the most needed work will be done on time.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Visualize Your Schedule

To get work done you need to break tasks into manageable buckets. Now it is simpler than ever.

Setting your plan for a day or week is now simple as drag-n-drop. Easy visual layout helps see your workload and performance. Praise yourself and replenish your positive energy.

Keep Your Inbox Clean

Divide and conquer. Have a fresh look at the use of emails, now a long list that is split by task, each one with its own priority.

Simply drag-n-drop an email from Unsorted box to a relevant task. It takes about 5-10 mins to sort a list of 40 items. Instead of spending time for arranging your emails in folders, tagging or categorizing simply drop an email to your task. The tool will learn your choice and deliver this conversation to the task. This is a new way of working with zillions of emails, simple and efficient that makes you much more productive.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Do What Matters

Keep focus on what is really important for you, communicate the most valuable tasks first, and get rid of the rest. That is how you can use your time best.

Turn from checking emails in a long list and reactive responses to conscious choices for what you do, keeping focus on the most important coms first in order to be effective.

Now you are working with your emails in the context of a task. Concentration on one task at a time reduces pressure on your memory and stress, and increases your productivity.

Find An Email Quickly

Your important emails won’t drown in the long list, and you won't miss it. You will find them quickly in a task.

"New emails" indicator will flash once you’ve got new news for an important one. "Unread emails" one will show how many emails are waiting for your response.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Power Of Common Emails

Emails are used everywhere as a simple and flexible tool for communicating tasks, news exchange, tracking and control of performance. With VisioTask, common emails become a powerful instrument for collaboration without any special account settings.

Exchange tasks, news for a task or project with anyone, your peers, boss or clients. Send an email to anyone from a task. A response will now be delivered back to the task box. Simple and powerful.

Follow Up Emails Easily

Simply and efficiently track performance or discussions as your emails are grouped by subject of discussion, i.e. your subtasks for a project.

Send an email and click sandglass. Email is now set for follow up. Once a response is received for the email you will see it immediately. You can also filter out and see only those emails you are awaiting response for. Save your time for emails follow up.

Free task management software
Free task management software

Be Recognized

Move away from keeping in mind who to send what to planned and perspective thinking ways of working, building confidence, and trust via managing communications effectively.

Look at your complete picture and situation overall, now everything is in front of you on one page, inform about your achievements, possible risks, and trends. Let them know about the most important tasks first. You can communicate with team members or clients from directly within the software to update them on your status.


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