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Thank you for choosing our product! We are confident that it will help you get organized and become extremely productive. :)


Please download VisioTask installer and run it. VisioTask is absolutely free to use. We make frequent updates to constantly improve our product for you. Please refer to the license agreement to see the terms of use.   

Installation is light and easy, and no administrator rights are needed for setup or use. I.e. you are able to run the program on most any PC, even corporate machines with restrictions. Before installing, please close all other applications and reboot your PC for optimal installation. Make sure that you have closed Outlook and any earlier version of VisioTask installed on your machine.


Using VisioTask  

VisioTask's power is in its simplicity. After installation you will be walked through a user's guide with tasks to complete which teach you quickly how to use the software. You may also want to see features overview on our Features page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.     

We want our product to be perfect for you, so we are constantly working on new features and improvements, which you can check out on our News and Updates page. The current version of the software includes automatic updates for your convenience.



It is our priority, and with VisioTask your information is safe. In particular, your emails are kept in the MS Outlook © intact and your files remain stored in your file system folders.

VisioTask contains no advertising or pop-ups of any kind. It either does NOT send anything, such as spam. Download.com has given VisioTask the status of "100% Clean" from any malware. VisioTask is designed and meant for personal use to improve productivity as presented on this site.



Please consider that the current version supports Windows XP SP2 ©, Windows Vista ©, Windows 7 ©, Windows 8 ©. To work with emails in VisioTask you will need MS Outlook 2007 © or higher version installed and operational.

If you do not use Outlook or have earlier versions of MS Outlook © you will not be able to operate with emails in VisioTask. However, you may still enjoy managing your tasks or projects as presented on the site and use all handy features for working with files. We are working to make VisioTask compatible with other systems and email clients. If you are using a different OS or email client than those supported currently and would like to use VisioTask, please send us a short note by email at: info@handyteq.com and we will contact you when such a version will be available.



Please visit our Support page to see FAQ. Please shout if something is working less than perfectly. We are working day and night to make it perfect! Send us feedback or comments, anything you like about the app or would like us to change, or any issues you may encounter with the software. Drop us a quick note at info@handyteq.com or leave a comment on Feedback page. We greatly appreciate all your comments.

Help or technical support: info@handyteq.com. Please allow us 24 hours for a response.

Thank you for using VisioTask. We will do everything we can to make your work enjoyable. Stay tuned!


Our warmest regards,
HANDYTEQ developers team.

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